National Dictation Contest – is an international competition promoting literacy adults and students, inviting Lithuanian language learners to write a dictation together. In 2020, the National Dictation Contest will be held for the 13th time!

“We invite all Lithuanian language lovers to continue the tradition of writing a dictation together. Invite your friends, colleagues and family members to a language celebration. The Lithuanian language is unique, so let it be an inexhaustible source of our strength and pride,” said Vytautė Šmaižytė, the organizer of the National Dictation Contest.

The Vilniaus Prekybos Support Fund DABAR organizes the National Dictation Contest together with VšĮ Pilietinės Minties Institutas for the third consecutive year. In support of this beautiful initiative, the team of Vilniaus Prekyba writes the dictation together with other citizens who love and cherish the Lithuanian language!

“Our unique language distinguishes Lithuanians from other nations. This language was the forbidden fruit of the occupation period, which represents our national identity most vividly. Let’s write and foster our language, and, most importantly, let’s enjoy our uniqueness”, Lukas Radžiūnas, Director of the Vilniaus Prekybos Support Fund DABAR, said invitingly.