The National Economics Exam aroused much interest and is being held for the third consecutive year! The Economics Exam provokes thinking and invites us to notice how much economics we have in our daily lives. The initiative is open to all, including people in jobs having nothing to do with economics, also professional economists, schoolchildren and students.

“We aim to show that people and their decisions stand behind every figure, every investment, loan and interest. Economy is all about us”, says Marija Vyšniauskaitė, head of the Education Center Lithuanian Free Market Institute.

The Vilniaus Prekybos Support Fund DABAR has been contributing to the implementation of the project together with the Lithuanian Free Market Institute and the Lithuanian National Radio and Television.

“We can be proud of such a patriotic and free society, especially the young generation, that has grown over the thirty years of freedom. We want for every single Lithuanian to feel an economic freedom in their daily activities and decisions made. Financial literacy has an undoubtful impact thereon, so we are happy to contribute to nationally implemented initiatives to improve it,”- said Lukas Radžiūnas, Director of the Vilniaus Prekybos Support Fund DABAR.