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The year of the pandemic presented many challenges but together with our partners and colleagues we proved that we can succeed in other ways. As most activities have moved online, we have continued to work with and support projects in education and research organisations.

In 2021 the strategic direction of the Fund has remained the same – to support initiatives that contribute to inclusive, equitable and quality education that make a lasting positive change.

Support to strategic partner I Choose to Teach – for School Change!

As part of its support strategy, the Fund is the strategic sponsor of the project I Choose to Teach – for School Change!

The purpose of the project I Choose to Teach – for School Change!, which is implemented by the public institution Mokyklų Tobulinimo Centras is to encourage Lithuanian schools to work together so that every student can experience academic success and be the creator of his/her school and country.

To make a difference, the programme attracts and trains motivated, peer-oriented participants who work as teachers in schools for two years. While working at school, participants receive comprehensive support from an assigned mentor, as well as through training, supervision and professional guidance. Schools across the country are also contributing to change by implementing change projects together with participants. They include an innovative professional development and mentoring programme for teachers, the management and the whole community, a comprehensive review of progress and resources allocated to implement change is undertaken.

In 2021, all 22 participants graduated from the programme and continued to teach in schools. Fourteen schools in various towns and cities across Lithuania have completed different long-term change projects. Among the projects that were implemented in schools participating in the project I Choose to Teach are Tauragė Šaltinio Primary School, Vilnius Pelėdos Primary School, Vilnius Senvagės Gymnasium.


Support for other education projects

In 2021, the Fund Dabar contributed EUR 15,000 to the implementation of the project Integrated Education ProgrammeA Citizen in 31 Hours, implemented by the Public Institution Lithuanian Free Market Institute. The aim of the project is to increase the quality of social awareness and critical thinking education for students in grades 9-12 by providing innovative content, tools and competences for integrated teaching of economics, ethics and citizenship. In 2021, over 860 teachers used the programme and around 77,000 students across Lithuania benefited from more engaging and creative lessons in economics, ethics and citizenship education.

As a continuation of this project, the Lithuanian Free Market Institute has also developed methodological guidelines for the integrated social education programme Young and Civic for grades 5-8. The aim of the programme is to develop an integrated social education programme for teachers of history, geography and ethics on how to teach students about social phenomena. The aim is to achieve integration by linking knowledge to real-world issues and students’ personal experiences.

Vilnius Trade Support Foundation Dabar has also contributed to the Master’s studies of the young and very talented pianist Ignas Maknickas at The Royal Academy of Music in London. Ignas studied at the Royal Academy of Music as an undergraduate, where he was awarded a top grade in the history of the Department of Piano at the Academy and received the most prestigious award for a student – The Queen’s Commendation for Excellence. However, the eagerness of the young pianist to study and improve did not stop there. He continues his studies in the Masters programme at the Royal Academy of Music in London. We appreciate such enthusiasm and desire to achieve more.

In 2021, the Fund has granted a total of EUR 226,000 (EUR 258,000 in 2020).

Similarly, last year, Vilniaus Prekyba companies donated EUR 3.8 million in support and charity to various social and non-profit organisations, contributing to the well-being of local communities. As a large business group with a strong presence in the Baltic States and Central European markets, we understand that we are responsible not only for the well-being of our customers and employees, but also for the well-being of the society and the environment around us.

Full report for 2021, including the independent auditor’s report, the annual report, the balance sheet, the performance report and notes to the financial statements, is available here: https://fondasdabar.lt/en/annual-activity-reports/

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