In 2017, Vilniaus Prekybos Support Fund Dabar implemented its strategic goal, namely, to improve the situation of education in Lithuania and to aim at a positive long-term change. In total, as many as 184,000 euros of support were allocated for educational projects.

Most of the funds were allocated to the strategic project “Renkuosi Mokyti – Mokyklų Kaitai!” (I choose to teach for a change in schooling) run in cooperation with the public organisation Mokyklų Tobulinimo Centras (School Improvement Centre). Last year, this programme obtained EUR 162,000. It is a long-term project the budget of which for the period of three years amounts to EUR 848,000; the Fund is to cover EUR 713,000. Schools which participate in the project implement different projects aimed at lasting changes which engage the entire community – about 9,000 pupils of these schools, in total.

In three years, as many as 30 schools with about 40 (non-professional) teachers selected for the project “Renkuosi Mokyti” will participate in the project. In total, about 15,000 schoolchildren and 130 already practicing heads of schools and professional teachers will be involved in the changes.

The Fund has sponsored other projects and organisations as well; among them, the international competition “Nacionalinis Diktantas” (National Dictation Competition) which is aimed at promoting literacy among adults and adolescents; Vilnius special school Atgaja, public organisation Mažoji Guboja, public organisation Lietuvos Junior Achievement.

“Our aim is to contribute to changes in educational situation and make sure that the changes are lasting. We will stick to this support approach and will use it. We seek to make the support available to as many organisations and educational projects as possible. Schools are invited to submit applications and we will look for every possibility to support them. In the future, we plan to raise funds for support depending on the results of the investment activity”, Rytis Jezepčikas, the newly appointed director of Vilniaus Prekybos Support Fund “Dabar”, said.

The Fund and its four subsidiaries have accumulated EUR 13.8 million so far. Projects are funded from ROI (return on investment) – in this way, sustainable and continuous operation of the Fund is ensured.

Joint owners (venturers) of Vilniaus Prekybos Support Fund “Dabar” are Nerijus Numavičius and private limited liability company Vilniaus Prekyba.

2017 Performance Report in lithuanian is available here.