Winners of the competition for educational initiatives announced by the Vilniaus Prekybos Support Foundation “Dabar” are already clear.

The evaluation commission has selected three projects, which will receive support for implementation:

  • The project developed by “Vaikų Linija” (English: Child Line) “Creation of Modules for Parents Learning’ Website on Response to Bullying”. The aim of the project is to reduce manifestations of bullying, discrimination and other degrading behaviors, to create an interactive tool for parents intended for identifying bullying among children and properly responding to it.
  • The integrated education program of the Lithuanian Free Market Institute “Citizen in 31 hours”. The aim of the project is to increase the quality of social awareness and critical thinking development of 9-12 graders by providing them with innovative content, tools and competences for integrated economic, ethical and citizenship education.
  • The football programme of “Vilnius Social Club” aimed at creating sustainable conditions for non-formal education of children and youngsters experiencing social exclusion and their participation in the educational process. The aim of this activity is to pursue systematic and profound changes in the lives of children and young people.

“We want to thank all the organizations having submitted their applications. It is very delightful to see Lithuanian non-governmental sector actively searching for ways and means to improve the educational situation. We believe that projects having won the competition will be able to significantly contribute to solving a wide range of problems: educating children experiencing social exclusion, tackling the problem of bullying, which is currently so relevant in Lithuania, and strengthening the content of formal education”, says Rytis Jezepčikas, Director of the Vilniaus Prekybos Support Foundation “Dabar”.

Public institution “Good Will Projects” administering the only donation portal in Lithuania has contributed to the organization of the competition and evaluation of projects.

The Vilniaus Prekybos Support Foundation “Dabar” supports educational initiatives, organizations for people with disabilities, and is a regular partner and organizer of long-term initiatives, such as “I Choose to Teach” and National Dictation.